Newswire: The Huffington Post is now shorter, angrier

Overhauling itself to keep up with the changing times, The Huffington Post has undergone a total redesign, complete with a splashy new home page, a “bold, splashy style,” splashy new “splash cards” for stories that are designed to have an “almost meme-like quality,” and a splashy-splash new splash-name. Say goodbye to The Huffington Post, musty, multisyllabic relic of a stodgier age, and welcome the almost meme-like reign of HuffPost, a moniker that recently installed editor-in-chief Lydia Polgreen says is “shorter,” “snappier,” and reflects “what our readers call us anyway.” Of course, most readers actually call it “HuffPo.” But consider this a dignified compromise, aimed at fostering the populist, voice-of-the-people relationship with its audience that Polgreen declares will be its new mission going forward. Also, please stop calling it “HuffPo.”

In a letter announcing the site’s new look and direction, Polgreen—who took over HuffPo(st) after leaving The …

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