Newswire: The Hateful Eight’s 70mm run could cost up to $80,000 per screen

Although he probably did it because he actually loves film and not as an arbitrary display of directorial power, a recent New York Times article about the preparations for The Hateful Eight‘s roadshow run implies that Quentin Tarantino could bring back Betamax if he felt like it. Hell, name a dying technology—Phone books? Floppy discs? 1-900 chat lines?—and Tarantino could resurrect it simply by walking into Harvey Weinstein’s office and saying, “You know, Harvey, I really miss the analog warmth of a bored lady filing her nails while she asks me what I’m wearing. It’s so much realer than chatbots, you know?” And bam, two years later, suddenly phone sex is a thing again.

Anyway, the nearly obsolete technology Tarantino is saving this time is 70mm film, or, to be more specific, Ultra Panavision. Only 10 films have ever been made using the extra-wide …

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