Newswire: The hard-traveling hero hits Metropolis in this Green Arrow #28 exclusive

Green Arrow had an outstanding first year as part of Rebirth, putting out 24 consistently excellent issues with sharp, complex scripts and dynamic, imaginative visuals by a rotating art team in total sync with each other and with writer Benjamin Percy. The past year has given Oliver Queen a strong sense of direction and a compelling supporting cast, with each new story upping the stakes and forcing him to think even bigger if he’s going to stop his ever-growing nemesis: The Ninth Circle. Green Arrow’s hitting the road in this latest arc, and the hero is teaming up with the biggest names in the DC Universe to stop a villainous plot that has national ramifications.

Oliver worked with The Flash to investigate speedster animals, faced domestic terrorism in Washington, D.C., with Wonder Woman, and in this week’s issue, he heads to Metropolis to confront Lex Luthor …

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