Newswire: The guys behind Afflicted are adapting Children Of Paranoia into a film

One of the downsides to the glut of found-footage movies coming out over the past few years—other than the existence of said found-footage movies—is the way they tend to make the cinema-minded but untrained among us look at those films and say, “Hey, I could do that!” That’s why it’s a delightful surprise when a found-footage film comes along that actually seems to have people involved who know where to place a camera, like Afflicted, the 2013 horror film that offered a refreshingly gruesome and straightforward take on vampire lore. And now the writer-directors of that film are signing on to a more ambitious project: Deadline reports that Derek Lee and Clif Prowse are set to helm an adaptation of Trevor Stone’s novel Children Of Paranoia.

Stone’s novel is the first book in a trilogy, which presumably CBS Films is eager to continue adapting …

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