Newswire: The guy who leaked Madonna’s newest album gets 14 months in prison

They never caught D.B. Cooper, the Zodiac Killer, or the guy who did that Max Headroom thing in Chicago, but that’s probably because none of those notorious criminals ever had the guts to take on Madonna. If they had, she would’ve personally hunted them down and taken them out. Just ask Israeli hacker Adi Lederman, the guy who—back in December—leaked a mostly unfinished version of Madonna’s then-upcoming album, Rebel Heart. At the time, Madonna referred to the leak as “artistic rape” and “a form of terrorism,” and she later released completed versions of some of the songs on iTunes in order to try and combat the piracy.

Now, Consequence Of Sound is reporting that Madonna has single-handedly brought Lederman to justice—though the FBI and Israeli police are taking most of the credit—and he has just been sentenced to 14 months in prison …

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