Newswire: The guitar Kurt Russell smashes in The Hateful Eight was a priceless antique

Kurt Russell does not fuck around. That much should be clear by now. So if you don’t want Kurt Russell to destroy your valuable artifact, you should probably make that crystal clear prior to him picking it up. According to a new story in SSN Insider, the crew of The Hateful Eight failed to really internalize that notion: See, in one scene in the movie, Jennifer Jason Leigh’s Daisy Domergue is playing a guitar, and Russell’s bounty hunter stomps over to her, grabs it, and smashes it to pieces. Turns out that guitar was a priceless antique on loan from the Martin Guitar Museum, and they are less than thrilled to learn what happened. Mark Ulano, the film’s sound mixer, recounts a story about just what went wrong.

The guitar was a loner from the Martin Guitar Museum and there were six doubles made. The guitar …

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