Newswire: The Grateful Dead’s recent reunion shows made a ton of money

Though the band was, like, totally just in it for the music, man, The Grateful Dead managed to gross about $55 million dollars for its five recent reunion shows. According to Billboard, the Dead sold about 212,000 tickets for its three final Chicago shows which, at about $120 a ticket, netted the group a cool $24.5 million. Kick in totals for the band’s two previous Santa Clara, California shows last weekend—130,000 attendees total—and that brings the box office gross up to about $50 million. Add to that figure the merch totals—each Grateful, peace-loving attendee spent about $25 on T-shirts and bandannas and little bear stickers for their cars or whatever—and kick another $5 million into the kitty.

That total isn’t even the final figure on what the band could be taking home from this whole reunion. Billboard reports that totals are …

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