Newswire: The Grammys are going to try this newfangled “online voting” thing

ABC News reports that The Grammys are attempting to modernize this year, switching to an online voting system for the 13,000 members who participate in its annual award decisions. The idea, presumably, is to target the younger members of the Recording Academy, not to mention touring musicians, who are often unavailable to fill out and mail actual ballots. Academy members have suggested that they’re a little bit worried that moving the voting online will open up security holes in the process, but as long as “PEPE BONER FART FUCK Y’ALL” doesn’t win Best Album this year, we’ll probably be okay.

The Academy also instituted a few new rules decisions, including a nomination review committee designed to weed out potential embarrassments, like the time Macklemore beat Kendrick Lamar for Best Rap Album in 2014. The Academy is also changing its rules for who can win for …

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