Newswire: The Goonies is becoming an “immersive theater” experience

Because the idea of forcing real children to crawl over the decaying skeletons of long-dead men has timeless appeal, the director of The Goonies has decided to take the experience of watching the film to the next level. According to a new interview with Yahoo! Movies, Richard Donner is helping turn the beloved ’80s movie about tormenting an overweight child into a real-life experience. After disparaging his own film (“I wouldn’t have gone to see The Goonies. That wasn’t my kind of movie. Still not my kind of movie”), the director let slip a piece of information that will no doubt thrill anyone who has longed for an up-close encounter with encephalopathy:

We’re going to do an off-Broadway, do you know what immersion theatre is? Where there’s no seats, the venue is you go into a warehouse and there’s something happening in that warehouse and …

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