Newswire: The Good Wife spin-off casts Bernadette Peters and Paul Guilfoyle

CBS announced that it was making a streaming spin-off of The Good Wife way back in May, but apparently the network is really committed to never giving the show a real name. It’s just going to be called The Good Wife spin-off for as long as possible, hopefully right up through its actual premiere. Anyway, we already know that the series will feature Christine Baranski and Cush Jump reprising their roles from the original show, with Game Of Thrones‘ Rose Leslie playing a new character who happens to be the goddaughter of Baranski’s Diane Lockhart.

Now, Deadline is reporting that they’ll be joined by Bernadette Peters and CSI‘s Paul Guilfoyle, both of whom will have recurring roles on The Good Wife spin-off. Guilfoyle will play the father of Leslie’s character, “a wildly successful financial advisor who is phenomenally wealthy and universally loved,” which sounds like …

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