Newswire: The Girlfriend Experience will return in November

Get ready for an all-new Girlfriend Experience—Starz has just announced that the season two premiere of Steven Soderbergh’s drama will air on November 5. Sadly, our time with Riley Keough’s Christine Reade has come to an end, but that’s the nature of the anthology series. Season two will start anew with parallel storylines: Carmen Ejogo will hold down the action in New Mexico as Bria Jones, “a former high-end escort” who’s driven to witness protection by her abusive relationship. This arc, from co-creator producer Amy Seimetz, will explore just how long Bria can stay away from “the life.”

Seimetz’s co-creator and co-executive producer Lodge Kerrigan has crafted the other central story, which will focus on “the corrupting influence of dark money in the upcoming 2018 U.S. mid-term elections.” (Sounds timely.) Anna Friel will play Erica Myles, who heads up a Republican super PAC …

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