Newswire: The Game Of Thrones “dead character” toys don’t include [REDACTED]

(The season five finale of Game Of Thrones was more than a month ago now, but maybe there are still some people who don’t know who the [REDACTED] in this headline refers to. If so, are you really that busy? You have time to read The A.V. Club, you could catch up on your DVR. Anyway, spoilers ahead.)

HBO recently promoted its “Honor The Fallen: Game Of Thrones In Memoriam Collection”—a fancy way of saying the company has figurines of dead characters to sell—which includes such fallen characters as Oberyn Martell (death: face explosion), Joffrey (death: poison and hubris), and The Hound (death: technically unknown; left for dead by Arya after suffering grievous wounds). Jon Snow was not among those fallen toys, leading to more speculation that he may not be dead. Also supporting the “Jon Snow lives” arguments: Kit Harington’s hair flows long and …

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