Newswire: The Flash casts its Wally West

One of the defining features of fleet-footed superhero The Flash is that there’s rarely just one of them running around the DC Universe. Barry Allen (or whoever happens to be breaking the sound barrier in red and yellow pajamas at the moment) usually has a cohort of similarly speedy friends, young and old, to call on things get rough. The CW’s The Flash held off (mostly) on adding new speedsters to the mix in its first season, instead focusing on Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen, the mystery of his mother’s death, and his horde of villainous Rogues. But as the show’s second season approaches, that viewpoint has started to widen to include more members of the jet-speed set.

We’ve already heard that Teddy Sears from Masters Of Sex has signed on to play Jay Garrick, a mentor-like Flash from an older generation, when the show …

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