Newswire: The flailing Trump reality show adds a wacky new character as Stephen Colbert welcomes The Mooch!

Some political figures are just ready-made for mockery, as Stephen Colbert demonstrated when he wasted no time roasting new White House Communications Director (and, according to Colbert, “lawyer whose ad is above the urinal”) Anthony Scaramucci. During his Monday Late Show monologue, Colbert was in late night comedy heaven, as he delved into the past, present, and almost certainly limited future of the newest SNL-bait member of the Trump administration being shoved out onto the national stage. “The Mooch” (for such is Scaramucci’s catchphrase-friendly nickname) isn’t just a brash, comically tough-talking New York douchebag caricature, he also comes with the baggage of a recent career as Trump-bashing TV talking head, and a disastrous debut weekend filled with gaffes, hypocrisy, and thorough, slavish smooching of his new boss’ posterior. (“The Mooch is ready to smooch!,” is Colbert’s assessment.) For Colbert, who’s made voluminous hay (and ratings …

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