Newswire: The feds could sieze that Wu-Tang album from Martin Shkreli

Having captured the internet’s affection with heartwarming stunts like imposing a massive price hike for drugs needed by AIDS patients and spending his hard-gouged money on the world’s most frivolous trip to the record store, Asshole Of The Year awardee Martin Shkreli has now earned the interested attention of the fine folks at the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Shkreli was reportedly arrested earlier today by the FBI, who are accusing him of committing fraud during his tenure as a CEO of a hedge fund, his job prior to his current position as “weasel-faced supervillain.”

Well on his way to filling out his “Stuff everybody loves” bingo card by adding “dicking around with a financial system still reeling from the recent banking crisis” to his list of other adorable traits, Shkreli is being accused of misrepresenting his company’s operating capital in trades from 2009 to 2014. Also accused …

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