Newswire: The Fear The Walking Dead airplane webseries premieres Sunday

AMC now has an official airdate for that Fear The Walking Dead webseries we previously reported on back in August. Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462 will take place across a total of 16 installments, with the first debuting on this Sunday, October 4, to coincide with the Fear The Walking Dead season finale. That same chapter will then air “as promos” during two commercial breaks in The Walking Dead‘s season six premiere on October 11. After that, the 15 follow-up chapters will debut every Sunday, both online and during The Walking Dead. Apparently, they will each be less than a minute long, which seems like an awfully small payoff for such a long wait between chapters.

The series takes place in the Fear The Walking Dead continuity and is set on an airplane that goes haywire when an early outbreak affects a passenger on board. The …

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