Newswire: The Dirty Dozen Go To Hell movie proves “high-concept” can always get a little higher

Some movies are sold on the pedigree of their stars, the firm knowledge that Tom Cruise or Jennifer Lawrence can always get butts in seats. Others trade on a recognizable property, or a director’s lingering critical buzz. And some movies are sold because the ideas that power them are just too stupid and beautiful not to be made. We call these last movies “high-concept,” and they may have found their new and rightful king.

Deadline is reporting that work has started on Hell Bent, a movie that’s being described as “The Dirty Dozen Go To Hell.” The plot—scripted by Mike Finch, whose other Very Dumb Scripts include Predators and Hitman: Agent 47—centers on a bunch of hardass convicts who get murdered by a mysterious priest so that they can all team up in Hell and assassinate the devil. (Somewhere in an abandoned castle in Hollywood, meanwhile …

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