Newswire: The Dickies frontman splits punk community with misogynistic onstage rant

Formed in the San Fernando Valley in 1977, The Dickies come from a school of punk rock whose guiding principle is to offend hippies and squares alike. Their music is your standard Ramones-style pop-punk buzz, leaving it to frontman Leonard Grave Phillips to make the band stand out. He does so with over-the-top crude, juvenile humor—the man performs with a penis puppet, for Christ’s sake—a schtick that’s been successful enough to keep the band going off and on for the past 40 years.

That’s basically all the background you need for a story that ran in LA Weekly and about a million other outlets about a recent onstage tirade from Phillips, in which he went off on a woman from the feminist advocacy group Safer Scenes who was touring with the festival at a Warped Tour date in Denver. The woman, who was reportedly offended …

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