Newswire: The Defenders showed its full first episode at Comic-Con tonight

Every now and then, wading through the lines, the heat, and the sheer human funk to get into Comic-Con’s massive Hall H actually pays off. Just ask the Marvel fans who shoved their way into tonight’s Defenders panel, who were greeted, not with mere panel banter, or a new, flashy trailer, but with the entire full first episode of the upcoming Marvel series. This, after also getting new footage from The Punisher (hooray!) and the announcement that Iron Fist would be getting a season two (hooray?).

We’ll have more to come as descriptions (or, god willing, smatterings of actual footage) make their way online, but for now, we can all bask in the shared knowledge that The Defenders exists, it’s exciting, and none of us who weren’t in the hall today actually get to see it. (At least, not until August 18.)

[via Variety]

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