Newswire: The Death Note movie taps The Leftovers actress for its female lead

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Margaret Qualley, who currently stars as Jill Garvey on HBO’s The Leftovers, has signed on to play the female lead in director Adam Wingard’s adaptation of Japanese manga/anime series Death Note. The story is about a young guy who finds a magical notebook that causes people to die if their name is written in it, and he uses it to become a well-intentioned serial killer (more or less). Nat Wolff from Paper Towns will play that guy, called Light Yagami in the original, although his name will probably be something more American in this version. Qualley’s character will probably be Misa Amane, a young celebrity who idolizes Light and his murderous mission. He doesn’t especially care about her though, making their relationship kind of like that of The Joker and Harley Quinn in the Batman comics.

Qualley will also …

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