Newswire: The Deadwood movie is still moving slower than a gut-shot mule

Progress on the much-anticipated Deadwood film is still moving slower than molasses in winter, or a cocksucker with a bullet in his leg, or any number of other frontier colloquialisms you might deign to apply to something moving too damned slow. HBO president Casey Bloys touched on the film’s status at the TCA press tour today, confirming that creator David Milch has turned in a “terrific” script, but noting that there are still a number of “hurdles” left to overcome before it can go into production.

Per Deadline, it’s all going to come down, in classic Deadwood fashion, to money and people. Bloys made it clear that the network is still looking to assign a budget to the project—which would presumably serve as the grand finale to the critically lauded show, which went off the air back in 2006—and that Milch’s ability to promise the …

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