Newswire: The Dark Tower’s runtime is well under 2 hours

As one of the biggest authors in the world, Stephen King has the freedom to do essentially anything he wants with his books, which is why they tend to be enormous tomes that could double as body armor if somebody tried to shoot or stab you while reading. His Dark Tower series in particular includes seven canonical books, a short story, and then a comparatively concise side novel, all of which add up to be somewhere around 5,000 pages. Apparently, though, one of the many things the Dark Tower movie will jettison from the original books is King’s verbosity, as the British Board Of Film Classification (via Collider) says that director Nikolaj Arcel’s The Dark Tower will clock in at a brief 95 minutes.

This is just the first movie in a hypothetical series, so it definitely doesn’t have to cover everything in the books—and …

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