Newswire: The Daily Show asks transgender vets about the Draft-Dodger-In-Chief’s tweets

Like a lot of people—and all people with human souls—Daily Show host Trevor Noah spent the day trying to come up with the right way to say, “Even for Donald Trump, this is some bullshit” concerning Ol’ Bone Spursexcreted tweets this morning announcing that the brave transgender servicepeople would no longer be allowed to do the dangerous, necessary work that Trump avoided so courageously during Vietnam. (While playing lots of baseball, tennis, and, most perilous of all, squash.) “Let’s try to break it all down without going mad,” began Noah, before laying out that Trump’s bigoted toilet tweets, apart from being a safely long-distance slap in the face to thousands of American servicepeople and the LGBTQ community in general, were completely full of shit. Trump claimed he consulted with his “Generals and military experts.” The Pentagon issued a statement saying they had no idea what …

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