Newswire: The CW Seed app is Pushing Daisies on Roku

The CW has planted a Seed (app) in Roku from which a Lily (and Vivian) has sprung—Variety reports that the network has teamed up with Roku to resurrect the composted-too-soon Pushing Daisies. All 22 episodes of Bryan Fuller’s delightful series will be available on Roku through The CW Seed, an app that the network hopes will establish it as “a branded destination for millennials to watch nostalgic TV series as well as originals.” Oh, and drive up ad revenue, but that probably goes without saying.

If you somehow missed out on Pushing Daisies when it was on the air, you weren’t alone, but you should still remedy that. The ABC series starred Lee Pace as Ned, a pie-maker and resurrector of dead things. But with this great Jesus-like power came great accountability, as a nearby person or thing lost life value whenever Ned performed this trick. Ned …

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