Newswire: The CW picks up DC superheroes, quarantine thriller, musical comedy

Not to be outdone by its comedy peacocking counterparts at NBC, The CW revealed its own series pickups for the 2015-16 season this afternoon. Having wiped Bluebell, Alabama off the map, the network will rebuild on the vacant lot, using pieces that should look familiar to regular CW viewers: The Flash/Arrow spin-off DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow and Cordon, a drama set in a quarantined Atlanta that was developed for American TV by The Vampire Diaries‘ Julie Plec. Cordon‘s point of origin can be traced back to Belgium, a nation whose cultural contributions are usually the enjoyable type of “infectious,” like The Smurfs or big, fluffy waffles buried in fruit.

The CW’s third fall pick-up will also require some significant translation: The network has issued a series order to musical-comedy Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which was previously in the works at corporate cousin Showtime. Per Deadline, The CW plans …

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