Newswire: The CW is renewing basically everything, wants more DC Universe spin-offs

Continuing its grand tradition of saying, “Eh, what the hell,” to just about any show that garners the slightest amount of critical praise or audience, The CW went ahead and renewed almost every scripted show it has for next season. That means there will be at least one more year apiece of Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Reign, Jane The Virgin, The 100, The Flash, and Arrow.

The decision leaves only Hart Of Dixie and Beauty And The Beast still in limbo. Since The CW has done everything but hang a “This Space For Rent” sign on Hart Of Dixie‘s time slot, cancellation seems likely (especially with iZombie and The Messengers‘ upcoming debuts), but Beauty And The Beast is another matter. At The CW’s TCA panel, network head Mark Pedowitz said the show would be returning in late May or early June, adding, “One of the reasons …

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