Newswire: The CW ignores conventional wisdom, kills The Messengers

Whatever apocalyptic missives the cast of The CW’s The Messengers have to pass on, they’d better do it quickly. (We recommend copious use of texting shorthand and emojis.) Despite only airing three episodes so far, the network has already announced that it won’t be picking up the supernatural drama for a second season, citing weak ratings. Fans of the show have a small silver lining to cling to, though: The network plans to air the rest of the first season before pulling the plug. That should give these remaining episodes a nice, doomed synergy, in keeping with the program’s eschatological subject matter.

Given that the show concerns superpowered people racing to prevent the end of the world, it seems a shame The Messengers couldn’t be retooled to be more like The CW’s other, more successful efforts in that arena. With all the demons, angels …

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