Newswire: The Critics’ Choice Television Awards shower HBO with nominations

What is it about HBO that makes it attract accolades like some kind of accolade magnet? Is it just cool to like HBO, and someday things will cycle around and it’ll be cool to like, say, NBC? Or is HBO really just that good at everything it does? Whatever the answer is, it’s not for us to decide. It’s for the Broadcast Television Journalists Association and its Critics’ Choice Television Awards to decide, and this year, it’s sticking with the idea that everything HBO does is great by giving it a total of 27 nominations. Most of those nominations went to Olive Kitteridge, with Veep, Bessie, The Comeback, Girls, Game Of Thrones, and Silicon Valley picking up a lot of the others.

To be fair, HBO could lose every award it’s up for, even if that’s statistically unlikely. In the event that something so …

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