Newswire: The courts keep making British newspapers apologize to people

In an effort to shore up the nation’s reputation as a place of primness, propriety, and proper protocol, the British courts appear to have spent most of the last week forcing various partiesi.e., tabloid newspapersto issue apologies to other partiesi.e., the various celebrities that the papers have hacked, robbed, and defamed.

A London High Court has awarded author J.K. Rowling the right to read a printed apology from the Daily Mail—in which the paper recants claims that the Harry Potter had once spoken ill of a group of church parishioners—aloud in court. Rowling won the libel case against the Mail back in 2014, and forced both a financial settlement and a printed apology from the paper. But, not unlike a Horcrux or a Dementor or some kind of weird creeping wand fungus, the case has continued to linger, with the newspaper …

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