Newswire: The country watched jokes about health care while the GOP voted on how many will die

Late night comedy shows have it tough in the age of Trump. When the country is in the hands of a hair-trigger megalomaniac with no impulse control and an itchy Twitter-finger, life, as they say, comes at you fast. So, with the Republican-controlled Senate debating their so-called “skinny repeal” of the Affordable Care Act while all the late night shows were airing on Thursday, it was perhaps understandable that all the “Mooch” jokes felt a little hollow. Not that they weren’t funny. They’d pretty much have to be, with brand-spankin’ new White House Communications Director (”And guy who orders a martini in a bowling alley,” according to Colbert) Anthony Scaramucci having last night phoned New Yorker reporter Ryan Lizza to try to ferret out a source and, failing that, launched into the sort of profane, loose-lipped elaborately euphemistic backbiting that makes any reporter worth his ink start mentally …

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