Newswire: The CIA has apparently been listening to Samsung smart TVs

Technology has given us a lot of cool stuff over the years—specifically the Nintendo Switch, which finally allows us to play console-quality Zelda games in the bathroom—but it’s always worth remembering that every exciting technological leap forward also comes with a significant potential for evil. (Other than the Nintendo Switch, presumably.) Just in the last few weeks, we wrote about Vizio stealing the data you input on its smart TVs and selling that information to advertisers, as well as a police department fighting to access a suspect’s Amazon Echo history, but it looks like the CIA might have topped both of those stories by combining them into an even more insidious use of technology.

According to The Verge, WikiLeaks recently shared a new batch of documents that detail the many ways the CIA can hack into stuff, like iOS and Android exploits that were developed by …

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