Newswire: The cast of Bob’s Burgers is going on tour again

Bob’s Burgers is perfectly enjoyable as a cartoon, but some people think it would be more interesting to see the actors simply read their lines without any of that colorful animation getting in the way. OK, that might not be true, but the people behind Bob’s Burgers are going on tour anyway so people can see them do just that. The whole Belcher family will be there, including H. Jon Benjamin, Kristen Schaal, Eugene Mirman, Dan Mintz, and John Roberts, as well as series creator Loren Bouchard. In addition to a live reading, the gang will also take part in “a raucous and lively mix of stand-up comedy,” a preview of some upcoming episodes, and a question-and-answer session. Hopefully, someone will ask about that soundtrack album at some point, because seriously, Bob’s Burgers. Where is that?

This isn’t the first time Bob’s Burgers has gone …

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