Newswire: The Buffalo Bill house from Silence Of The Lambs is for sale

It places its house on the market—The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (via Mashable) reports that the home used as Buffalo Bill’s (Ted Levine) lair in Silence Of The Lambs is for sale. Barbara and Scott Lloyd have listed their Pennsylvanian home for just $300,000, which is nowhere near as expensive as Jesse Pinkman’s house. Yes, Buffalo Bill got it for even less, but you’re better off putting your money into escrow rather than resorting to murderous squatting.

The house was prominently featured in the climactic scene between Buffalo Bill and Clarice Starling (Jodie Foster). Architecture buffs might have noticed the gorgeous oak paneling in the dining room while watching Starling’s epiphany of Jame Gumb’s true identity. And those are hardwood floors that a barefoot Bill runs across to get down to his murder pit. Sadly, the kitchen island and gazebo didn’t make it into …

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