Newswire: The Blade Runner sequel gets new title, new year everything falls apart

After more than five years of referring to the upcoming Blade Runner sequel in generic, hypothetical terms—variably calling it things like Blade Runner 2, Blade Runner Again!, Blade Runner-er, Are They Really Making A Blade Runner Sequel?, Why Are They Making A Blade Runner Sequel?, Do Blade Runners Dream Of Eyelinered Jared Leto? and so on—the film at last has an official title: Blade Runner 2049, so named for the fanciful, far-off dystopia we can all expect to plunge into about 32 years from now, give or take what happens in November.

That’s a slightly shorter leap than Ridley Scott’s 1982 original took when it painted its wildly imaginative picture of Los Angeles in 2019, a city ravaged by environmental disaster whose residents are constantly bombarded with advertisements and seek their cheap pleasures in technology. As director Denis Villeneuve explained to Entertainment Weekly earlier this year …

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