Newswire: The Billboard Music Awards let Kanye finish, censor half of what he said

The Billboard Music Awards (Motto: “Someone has to make the Grammys look cool”) were held in Las Vegas last night, and, as one might expect from an awards show based on a chart system that became irrelevant around the time iTunes was invented, featured the sort of radio-friendly musicians that probably still sell a fair number of CDs, if not to the screaming teenyboppers in attendance.

Chief among these was Taylor Swift, who won eight awards for Top Artist, Top Female Artist, Billboard Chart Achievement, Top Billboard 200 Album, Top Billboard 200 Artist, Top Hot 100 Artist, Top Digital Songs Artist, and Top Streaming Song (Video). Those eight awards officially make Swift the winningest artist in Billboard Music Awards history, her 20 total awards just edging out Garth Brooks, who we always forget is the third biggest-selling artist in American history. (Swift also used the occasion to debut her much-hyped …

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