Newswire: The Big Bang Theory cast and creator are launching a scholarship fund

As a show that is, if not actually about science, then certainly interested in using a lot of science-sounding words, The Big Bang Theory has a vested interest in keeping its audience well-educated. After all, what’s the point of referencing the Higgs boson particle on the way to a C- sex joke if no one in the audience knows what it is? To that end, (and also because they are, to be fair, good and generous people), the cast and crew of the show announced today that they’re funding a scholarship for students enrolling in the studies of the sciences, technology, engineering, and math at UCLA. So far, the group has raised $40 million, including donations from every member of the show’s main cast, as well as producer Chuck Lorre and dozens of others. With that money, the scholarship will be able to provide financial aid for …

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