Newswire: The BBC to launch its own streaming service soon

Although Netflix is still delivering plenty of the binge-worthy goods, it hasn’t been the only streaming game in town for a while. Hulu’s now offering original programming and hand-me-down films; Amazon Prime is the proud home of the award-winning series Transparent; and Crackle’s got Joe Dirt 2. So today’s viewer has plenty of options, regardless of taste. Now it looks like the BBC is entering the online-streaming waters, one Colin Firth foot at a time.

POLITICO New York reports the BBC is planning to launch its own streaming service as a means of generating more revenue. BBC director-general, Lord Hall, made no bones about wanting to make some bones off people’s nostalgia for programming like Upstairs, Downstairs or their desire to catch up with the EastEnders. As gauche as the broadcaster undoubtedly found it to talk about money, the BBC is publicly funded (at a …

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