Newswire: The BBC thinks many Best Picture Oscar winners aren’t so great

You tell yourself the Academy Awards don’t matter, but then something appalling happens, like Goodfellas losing the Best Picture Oscar to Dances With Wolves. As your rage-induced mini-stroke subsides, you realize the Oscars exist solely to torment movie lovers. If you’ve ever felt like the Academy Awards are a poor measure of American cinematic legacy, the BBC is here to help you out. Deadline reports BBC Culture released the results of its 100 Greatest American Films poll, and only 12 Best Picture winners are included. In fact, only 40 percent of the films on the list were even nominated.

When analyzing the list, contextual differences should be taken into consideration. Perhaps most importantly, the BBC’s list spans a century—all the way back to 1915’s critically acclaimed Ku Klux Klan recruiting flick, The Birth Of A Nation (number 39)—whereas the Academy votes annually on what …

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