Newswire: The Barbie movie hires three more writers

These days, movie studios have so much riding on their big adaptations of toys, cartoons, and board games that it’s tough to survive a Jem-like flop. To avoid running into something like that for its Barbie movie, Sony has decided to hire three writers who will each work on a draft of the script. That means it has tripled its chances of getting a good draft, and while it has also therefore tripled its chances of getting a bad draft, it only needs one good one in order to move forward with this project. Or, if it can’t get one good draft out of this, it could even take all of the best parts from each one, combine them, and just work off of a Frankenstein’s monster-like creation.

Anyway, this comes from Deadline, and the three writers involved are Lindsey Beer, Bert Royal, and Hilary Winston …

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