Newswire: The Bad Moms are getting back together for Christmas

If there’s one thing that makes a regular, vanilla mom into a hard-drinking bad mom, it’s Christmas. Santa Claus gets all of the credit for making the holiday magical and for bringing gifts to everybody, but it’s often the moms of the world who are actually running the Christmas show (there’s a free song idea, Beyoncé). Appropriately, then, film studio STX Entertainment has just announced Bad Moms Christmas, a sequel to this summer’s hit comedy Bad Moms.

According to Variety, original Bad Moms directors Jon Lucas and Scott Moore will return to write and direct the sequel, with Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, and Kathryn Hahn—the eponymous moms who are bad—reprising their roles from the first movie. The twist this time around, though, is that they’ll be facing off against their own bad moms. Bell announced the sequel tonight on her Twitter account …

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