Newswire: The backlash against the all-female Wonder Woman screening refuses to die

Wonder Woman is now in theaters, the women-only screenings at Austin’s Alamo Drafthouse will happen soon, and Austin mayor Steve Adler has already dropped a cosmic slam dunk on the people who refuse to stop complaining about it, but yet another man has bravely stepped up to drop a wholly unnecessary “well, actually” on the situation. This latest hero of maleness is Stephen Clark, a professor at Albany Law School, and he has now filed a complaint with Austin’s Equal Employment And Fair Housing Office because he believes the women-only Wonder Woman screenings are “illegal.”

This comes from The Washington Post, which says that it wasn’t the screenings themselves that convinced Clark to file his complaint, but the “snide” attitude of the Alamo Drafthouse in dealing with the misogynistic backlash—or “vibrant argument” as he described it. It was the theater’s willingness to “mock anyone who …

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