Newswire: The Avengers: Infinity War script is Josh Brolin tested, Thanos approved

As Thanos, Josh Brolin has one of the sweetest gigs in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His character is mostly computer-generated, he’s only ever had a handful of lines, he has a cool rocket chair in Guardians Of The Galaxy, and he still gets to be the biggest villain in the whole universe. However, Avengers: Infinity War will make him get out of that rocket chair and actually do something for once, and it sounds like Brolin is really excited about the prospect of finally getting a chance to murder some superheroes.

Speaking with Moviefone (via IGN), Brolin said that he recently “sat at a table” and “listened to the [Infinity War] story from beginning to end,” which he seemed to be pretty happy with. He said that actors sometimes have to say something is “a great movie” or “a great experience” even though they don’t really mean it …

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