Newswire: The Americans showrunners on what happened to [REDACTED]

This post discusses plot points from The Americans’ “Amber Waves”

Though Elizabeth Jennings’ young KGB trainee Hans (Peter Mark Kendall) was a prominent part of the third season of The Americans, in the fourth he was mostly relegated to the background, quietly surveilling. And now he’s dead. In this year’s premiere, Hans met a quick and untimely fate. During a mission to exhume Dylan Baker’s William Crandall and collect a sample of his flesh, Hans slipped, cut his hand, and came into contact with the corpse’s Lassa-infected skin. He had a moment of thinking he was in the clear, and then Elizabeth took him out. Showrunners Joe Weisberg and Joel Fields pitied Hans but didn’t show that much remorse when we caught them at the Writers Guild Awards last month. “That sucked man,” Fields told The A.V. Club. “He should have been more careful …

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