Newswire: The American Horror Story “Murder House” is on Airbnb

Good news for fans of classic horror TV, less-classic horror TV, and getting murdered by latex-clad ghosts: the Alfred Rosenheim Mansion, a mainstay of spooky TV that most recently appeared as the “Murder House” that retroactively lent its name to the first season of Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story, is now on Airbnb. For a mere $1450 a night, you can have the run of the nine-bedroom, 4.5 bathroom Hollywood landmark, recreating that episode with the tiny fear demon from Buffy The Vampire Slayer, or the X-Files Christmas episode with Lily Tomlin and Ed Asner as cranky ghosts, or Jessica Lange’s entire late-career resurgence. (You could also, if you were so inclined, celebrate the moment when The A.V. Club’s own stalwart TV editor, Erik Adams, stood in front of the mansion for an installment of Pop Pilgrims.)

Built more than a hundred years ago, the …

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