Newswire: The Amazing Spider-Man 3 sounds like it would’ve been so dumb

When it first came out, The Amazing Spider-Man was almost universally hailed as “okay,” if unnecessary, what with the first trilogy having ended only five years prior. Then The Amazing Spider-Man 2 came out and showed everyone what a movie that doesn’t need to exist really looks like. And despite some good elements (Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone’s acting), after its release the studio decided The Amazing Spider-Man 2 contained too much of the not-good stuff (e.g. those nagging “plot” and “story” aspects) and put the franchise on hold.

Director Marc Webb recently talked about his plans for the villains in the third movie, had it gone forward, and that already sounded overstuffed. But now Denis Leary has opened up in an interview with IGN about some of the ideas that were in store for the next installment, and guess what? We all dodged a Spider-bullet (patent …

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