Newswire: The Academy disqualifies scores for Arrival, Manchester By The Sea, and Silence

The scores for Arrival, Manchester By The Sea, and Silence won’t be getting Oscar nominations this year because the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences disqualified them all, according to a report in Variety.

This seems most egregious in the case of Jóhann Jóhannsson, whose music for Arrival has already earned recognition in the form of nods from the Critics Choice Awards and the Golden Globes. However, the movie prominently features Max Richter’s “On The Nature Of Daylight” at its beginning and end. Essentially, the Academy figured that voters wouldn’t realize that piece—which differs wildly in tone from the alien sounds that color the rest of the film—wasn’t the work of Jóhannsson. Thus, it was deemed unable to compete because of a rule, which states that: “A score shall not be eligible it has been diluted by the use of pre-existing music, or …

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