Newswire: The Academy and Writers Guild can’t decide if Whiplash is an original or adapted screenplay

Deadline is reporting that there’s a whole bunch of confusion surrounding Damien Chazelle’s drumming movie Whiplash and what awards it’s eligible for. Apparently, the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences has classified it as an “adapted script” on Oscar nomination ballots, despite the fact that Chazelle wrote the “largely autobiographical” script himself and that he “considers his script original.” For the Writers Guild’s awards, however, it has been deemed an original screenplay, meaning one organization says it’s based on a pre-existing work, and the other—along with its writer/director—says it’s not.

Flight screenwriter John Gatins was the first to point out this weird situation to Deadline, and he believes the whole thing is “a HUGE mistake,” to the point that he thinks it will disrupt the entire voting process and plunge the Academy Awards into Grammy-esque levels of irrelevancy—our words …

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