Newswire: The A.V. Club TV show debuts tonight, on Fusion

We here at The A.V. Club are about to achieve our big flashy Hollywood dreams, in the form of the new The A.V. Club TV show on Fusion. Hosted by editor-at-large and certified dapper suit-wearer John Teti, the show will provide the same mixture of humor and pop culture acumen you’ve come to expect from the A.V. Club brand, with the added bonus that you can now just shout your comments directly at the TV screen, instead of getting a cumbersome mouse and keyboard involved.

But don’t just take our word for it; here’s a quote from John, who briefly stepped out of his multi-million dollar, climate-controlled trailer, pulled off his now-mandatory celebrity sunglasses, and offered up a quick mission statement for the show to those of us who knew him when:

Making this TV show is a dream come true for me, and …

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