Newswire: The A.V. Club nominates Santa to lead its Holiday Gift Guide

Today is the Monday after Thanksgiving, also known as Cyborg Monday, when we endeavor to meld our gift-giving consciousness with that of the machines. To mark the holiday, The A.V. Club has assembled a 2015 Gift Guide for your computerized reading and purchasing pleasure.

“Santa For President” is the theme, because Santa is the ultimate panderer, and we like to imagine that this year, he might give us the gift of ending the presidential campaign before it starts. But he won’t, so we’ll settle for some of the extravagant delights in our guide. The staff’s picks offer wonders galore, like a painting that features David Schwimmer’s armpit hair and a sticker set that doesn’t depict Nicolas Cage’s armpit hair at all. We also highlight a few choice items from the modest, carefully curated range of Star Wars merchandise that Disney has made available …

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