Newswire: The A.V. Club debates crazy fan theories in our new podcast

The internet is a vast web of hearsay, conspiracy, and uninformed conjecture, and The A.V. Club is here to make it even more complicated with our new podcast venture, A.V. Club: I Know It Sounds Crazy. Hosted by Erik Adams (the skeptic) and Sean O’Neal (the believer), in each episode The A.V. Club‘s own Scully and Mulder investigate pop-culture fan theories from the slightly plausible to the utterly ridiculous.

In the inaugural episode, Just A Figment Of Your Imagination, Sean and Erik delve into one of the most common types of fan theories: That a character in a movie—or even an entire movie—exists entirely inside another character’s head. So what has Fight Club, the movie credited with popularizing this type of theory, wrought? Well, in this episode, the idea that Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is actually the lonely daydream of a …

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